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VAC - Valve Amplification Company

VAC Avatar Super -
It's easy to see why integrated amplifiers have become one of audio's fastest-growing product categories: combining pre- and power amplifiers on a single chassis offers dramatic savings in both size and cost. More importantly, by controlling the interface between the two components and eliminating the need for interconnects, significant sonic advantages can accrue via the integrated approach if it is done properly.

The original Avatar integrated, introduced by VAC in 1998, was perhaps the first modern integrated designed with care and passion. It immediately caught the ear imagination of dealers everywhere, and was hailed by Stereophile magazine as the "Rolls-Royce" of integrated amplifiers.

VAC Standard Preamplifier MkII -
All new for 2006, the VAC Standard Preamplifier Mk II is a jump over the very best of 'traditional' vacuum tube preamps. The sound is distinctly more lively than before.

The non-inverting four tube Class A triode line stage is derived from the premium VAC Phi Beta. It offers superb sound and has balanced outputs, remote control, the VAC Cinema BypassT feature, a specially shielded integral power transformer, and a 3/8" beveled aluminum fascia with deep black lacquer finish.

The optional triode phono stage features passive RIAA equalization for open, detailed sound.

VAC Standard Musicbloc 160 -
All new for 2006, the VAC Standard MusicblocT 160 is something to get excited about!

Like the premium Phi 300, the Musicbloc 160 features a new direct coupled input & driver circuit that results in the fastest, fullest, more detailed sound that we have ever achieved. VAC President Kevin Hayes comments, "Every time I play a familiar recording through the 160's, I am startled to hear something new and exciting. After 16 years of doing this professionally, that's quite a surprise! I find these amplifiers quite addictive."

Using four beam power output tubes and a low-mu octal driver, this amplifier possesses an uncanny ability to reveal every nuance in a recording, while preserve the emotion and feel necessary for a truly musical performance. You will be surprised by details in your recordings that you had never heard before. In addition to finesse, the Standard MusicblocT 160 has great power, impact, control, and a very low electrical noise floor. This remarkable overall character makes it suitable for use with speakers ranging from high efficiency to the most difficult and demanding.

This powerful monoblock has both balanced and single-ended inputs, and is built on a rigid non-magnetic machined chassis finished in metallic black with engraved brass accents. Front panel bias indicators and controls make it easy to maintain and optimize; if desired, these indicators may be switched off for listening sessions in a darkened room. Output matching taps are provided for 2, 4, and 8 ohm speakers. Premium parts are used throughout, ensuring long, reliable service.



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