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Baetis Media Server

The Baetis Revolution™ Media Server

Built for use within the very finest 2-channel audio systems, the Revolution is designed to sound better than any ordinary “music” server because of its special internal components. Because our server is a real computer it can rip and play CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs. Today, the finest 32-bit music can mainly be found on Blu-Ray. Plus, our industry-leading, specially configured JRiver software can play native DSD files unlike ordinary “music” servers. The Revolution has the following important features:

  • Special motherboard with a high (108db) signal/noise ratio.
  • 128G internal solid-state drive for fast software execution and perfect ripping of blu-ray files.
  • Best-rated digital noise filter for the SSD.
  • All media storage drives are external , via 6 USB ports and eSata , along with unlimited NAS. The Revolution comes with one 2T USB3.0 external drive to get the audiophile started. External storage minimizes EMI, provides for easier replacement; and lowers inherent noise.
  • The industry's only galvanically -isolated and dedicated BNC-SPDIF output directly off the MB, without using a sound card that generates and absorbs EMI. We can show that SPDIF done right beats USB done right, but you need to audition this yourself.
  • EMI-reduction material on all inputs/outputs, including USB, HDMI, RCA, and Toslink
  • Specially milled 80mm fans (built by Noctua ™ and milled by us) to provide the lowest possible inherent noise. It is as quiet as most fan-less servers as measured by a digital sound meter. See our white paper on the subject if you find this too hard to believe .
  • Special low wattage Intel™ Core ix CPU to reduce heat and produce the best audio quality along with exceptional video quality.
  • Specially selected fast RAM (16G) for greater video buffering and best audio.
  • Standard Power Supply Unit (PSU) is external to minimize EMI. This PSU has the lowest measured ripple/noise of any switch-mode PSU (10mV Peak-to-Peak).
  • Optional LiFePO4 battery-based PSU, using the very best Neutrik Powercon ™ connectors, both at the PSU and at the server itself. Requires special milling of our chassis. The largest of these battery packs can power the server for all day playing of blu-ray movies and concerts without recharging.
  • Pre-installed and specially configured JRiver Media Center 18 – the industry's finest. We configure MC18 for your specific system, including your DAC or pre/pro, and for volume control either within the digital domain or via your pre-amp. Often we deal with a high-end 2-channel DAC within a high-end multi-channel system.
  • Optional installation of the very best CD ripping software -- dBPoweramp ™.
  • The very best operating manuals for JRiver ; use of Android or iOS tablets for remote control; going “headless”; using dBPoweramp ; using MakeMKV software for blu-ray ripping; and library management within JRiver . Manuals available only to our customers.
  • 2-years hardware warranty.
  • 1-full year of telephone support including remote desktop control software (usually both phone and desktop control together), for JRiver and other audiophile software.
  • The industry's only 90-day money back trial period – pay only shipping both ways if the audition doesn't excite you. Price: $3595, online without dealer setup, or via our small group of dealers.



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