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Art Audio

Vinyl One


  • The transformers, one per channel, feature Mu metal (75% nickel) cores and can also be mounted in heavy gauge mu metal. 
  • Transformers sport balanced two chamber winding with 4 separate electrostatic screens, and multiple interleaved windings for exceptional bandwidth.
  • Low phase shift, even at 10Hz, ensures excellent transient response.
  • Two pairs of single-ended RCA outputs: The first pair is used when driving an amplifier directly (no preamp) and is connected to a volume control. The second pair is used as a variable cartridge gain control when a separate preamplifier is to be used.
  • available in MM or MM/MC version, with/without gain control, black or silver front panel with silver or gold control


Type tubed phono stage available in MM or MM/MC version with/without gain control
Input Impedance 100 ohm
Frequency Response 10Hz to 20KHz
Tube Complement 3 x 12AX7, 1 x 6FQ7
Dimensions 18.25" W x 13.75" D (incl. heat sinks & terminals) x 8.5" H (incl. transformers)
Weight 21 lb.

Vinyl Reference

Have you ever wondered why all of those sought-after '50s and '60s Rock, Pop, Jazz and classical recordings sound so good? Beyond the often incredible talent of the performers, engineers and producers, there was the equipment used to make them. More often than not that equipment contained vacuum tubes and audio transformers designed by engineers who had made a career of designing the best recording gear by using these components appropriately. When properly applied, vacuum tubes and audio transformers work exquisitely togeter to preserve all of the music the cartridge captures from the phonograph grooves. The Art Audio Vinyl Reference uses 6N1P vacuum tubes and Lundahl audio transformers to achieve the goal of giving you all of the music.


  • Vacuum tube / FET hybrid input stage for lowest noise 
  • Vacuum tube / MOSFET transformer-coupled output stage
  • Moving coil transformer-coupled input
  • Passive RIAA equalization
  • Massive shielded internal choke-regulated power supply
  • Choke-regulated power supplies for each stage
  • Current regulation for each individual vacuum tube filament
  • Switchable MM/MC loading impedance
  • Signal polarity switching
  • Zeroo "global" negative feedback 


  • Gain: MM input 43dB / MC input 63dB / other gain structures by special order
  • Cartridge impedance loading: MM 47Kohms or 47kOhms in parallel with 220pF /
    MC 100ohms, 300ohms, 1Kohms or 47kOhms
  • Output impedance: 200ohms
  • Frequency response: deviation from RIAA curve < 0.5dB from 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Tube complement: 4 Svetlana Electron Devices 6N1P triodes
  • Power requirements: 120vAC 0.5A or 240vAC 0.25A
  • Dimensions: 18.125" x 13.5" x 4" WxDxH
  • Weight: 55 lbs. (10kg)



Vinyl One
Enjoy the music: January 2002
Soundstage!: February 2000

Vinyl Reference
Sixmoons: November 2007
The Audiophile Voice
Enjoy the music: April 2005
Positive Feedback Sixmoons: May 2006

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