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Von Schweikert Audio

VR-1 - The VR-1 Reference Studio Monitor System is truly a breakthrough in performance versus price. This Reference-Grade mini-monitor utilizes new technology to provide breathtaking clarity and an incredible three-dimensional sound stage. Our insistence on using only the finest hand-made parts allows us to offer a no-compromise design standard. The VR-1 has deep bass, high power handling, and lush high frequency response, making it ideal for recording studio use and critical listenership. Frequency response graphs, specifically pair-matched to each right and left serial number are included, demonstrating our unmatched commitment to quality control, and providing an irrefutable scientific endorsement of engineering and performance. Magnetically shielded, faithfully musical, and beguilingly muscular, the affordable VR-1 provides studio-grade quality for stereo and multi-channel theater applications.

VR-2 - Albert Von Schweikert's design goal for the last 20 years has been to recreate a simulation of a live musical event. Not satisfied with conventional technology that he felt had been exhausted, AVS's recent research indicated that more realistic sound quality could be obtained by replicating an acoustic inversion of the microphone's signal. After all, it is the microphone's signal which is recorded, not music itself. Since microphones impart their characteristics upon the music, recording with microphones may be seen as an encoding process, while playing back the signal through speakers may be seen as a decoding process. If you think about this, you will realize that the goal of the speaker should be to behave as a microphone in reverse. Of course, there are several types of microphones, but they all have common but important characteristics which the speaker must emulate: Point-source behavior, Coherent driver integration, Radiation pattern, Low distortion , Wide frequency bandwidth, High dynamic range.

VR-4jr - The VR-4jr is a two-piece stacking speaker system utilizing the world's finest cabinet design: a time-aligned, decoupled sat/sub for incredible tweeter, midrange, and woofer transparency, as well as unparalleled soundstage reproduction. Clarity is enhanced with custom-made Low-Distortion drivers with the best available Transparency Factor. The engineering target was to design a highly accurate, laboratory-grade system with the ability to be used as a professional reference monitor. Studios using VR-series include Sheffield Labs, Musical Fidelity Sound Labs, A&M Records (Herb Alpert), and Walt Disney Studios (Alan Menken, winner of 7 academy awards). Many recording engineers brought these speakers home, including Robert Harley, now editor of TAS, and Herb Alpert, creating an audiophile demand. A reference monitor must have wide bandwidth, low distortion/coloration, with convincing three dimensional depth and realistic sound staging. The VR-4jr is highly optimized for this use and is highly musical as well. Imaging and depth are state-of-the-art due to our proprietary Ambience Retrieval System and Global Axis Integration Network.

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