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Handmade perfection


  • Single thread torsion bearing, magnetically stabilized and damped
  • Virtually no bearing friction, no bearing chatter
  • Dynamic damping of the tonearm / cartridge resonance through induction of eddy currents, overhang, VTA, VTF, and azimuth, all fine adjustable
  • Arm wand custom made to suit the preferred cartridge, range of effective mass: 5-50gr, effective length from 8.5 to 12 inches, at no extra charge
  • Additional damping of the suspension string with silicon oil, optional
  • Internal wiring chosen to fit customers system, single run standard, terminal box optional
  • Tone arm wands made either from carbon fiber or jacaranda, ebony, acacia, bamboo, pertinax, etc.
  • Different finishes available at nominal costs
  • Patent pending



  • VTA Adjustment with conventional set screw
  • Carbon fiber, non-interchangeable arm wand
  • 12 g effective mass
  • Standard spindle to pivot distance of 222 mm (Rega compatible)


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