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Turntables designed and built to please the most demanding audiophiles

A new breed of turntables has shown up on these shores of Germany. These 'tables are manufactured with the highest possible quality in mind. They are simply designated as AMAZON Model One and Model Two.

What makes these turntables such outstanding perfomers?

Finest bearing available today
Highest quality platter system
Excellent structural base composites
DC regulated motor drive

All AMAZON turntables utilize a revolutionary bearing. It is inverted (meaning that the center of gravity is at the record level, the most beneficial placement), made of hardened steel and uses a ceramic ball on which rests a teflon support. The ceramic ball used is ideal since it has an extremely smooth surface and is actually harder than metal in that small a size. The ball rests on top of a stationary axle. A precision machined sleeve is placed over the axle/ball assembly. An oil pan at the bottom keeps it lubricated through capilary action. The acrylic platter, 50 mm in thickness, is simply positioned over the entire bearing assembly. Acrylic material is also used for each base resting on 3 spikes. The MODEL ONE utilize the 'sandwich' principal for additional resonance control. It comes with an outboard motor assembly (matched geometrically to the depth of the turntable base), which feature DC voltage read-out (for battery status) and fine adjustments for 33 and 45 speeds. The MODEL TWO utilizes a fine integrated motor with speed adjustment capability and an outboard power supply. A thin rubber string drives the platter.

The MODEL ONE comes equipped with a DP-6 standard tonearm, and MODEL TWO with a UP-4 with standard arm tube. If a different tonearm is to be mounted a custom arm board can be supplied by your AMAZON dealership. Most tonearms can be accommodated.


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